Assessment Exam details from Academic group

Education is a continuous process and so is the evaluation of academic and co-curricular performance.

Star Public School the performance of Students from Class Nursery to II (Primary school) and Class III to X are evaluated based on their class room activities/participation in discussions/ assignment/ Individual projects, Practical etc. and periodical assessment  so that they may be well prepared to face the challenges of the Board’s examinations. At the end of the term students are awarded with a detailed report on scholastic and co-scholastic achievement of the children.

  1. CBSE EXAMINATION POLICY: Restoring of Class X Board Examination with the effect from    the Academic Year 2017-18.

  1. Students of Classes Nursery – II will be evaluated thrice per session:
Duration Evaluation Weightage
April – July Evaluation I 30%
August – November Evaluation II 30%
December – March Evaluation III 40%

The students shall also be assessed in the co-scholastic areas. The Co-scholastic areas include:

  • Life Skills (critical thinking skills, social skills and emotional skills)
  • Attitude (towards teachers, schoolmates, school programmes and the environment)
  • Values, Literary and Creative Skills, Scientific Skills , Aesthetic Skills, Performing Arts
  • Clubs (Eco Club, Health & Wellness Club, etc.)

Tentative schedule of Evaluation/ Term Assessment

Evaluation I:              Nursery to II              10th August 2017 to 19th August 2017.

Evaluation II:            Nursery to II              02nd December 2017 to 08th December 2017.

Evaluation III:           Nursery to II              05th March 2018 to 12th March 2018.

  • Pre Mid Term: Class III to X                   August 2017
  • Mid Term: Class III to X           November 2017
  • Post Mid Term: Class III to X           February 2018
  • Term End Examination: Class III to X           March 2018

The students of class XI & XII will be tested on the basis of the following: —

Unit Test I 10%
Half Yearly 40%
Unit Test II 10%
Annual 40%