Message of Management

Our resolve is to build a healthy, wealthy, prosperous, cultured civilization and our ambition is to bring up students who will make our nation one that the world will look up to.

Our constant endeavor will be to make the students of this school honest and responsible citizens on whose strong shoulders a glorious and bright future of this country can be carried forward.

We would like to assure all stakeholders that we are determined to provide and develop all the facilities and infrastructure needed for making our students people of the nation will look up to.

Message from Trustee
(Shri Sajjan Bhajanka, Chairman, Star Cement Ltd)

Sajjan Bhajanka Chairman

Students are potentially the backbone of any nation. The future, prosperity, and omnipotence of a nation depends on how much well-educated and well-trained are the children of that nation. A school is not only responsible for facilitating formal education to the children, but psychological stability as well. In the line of this, I must appreciate the school and the head of the institution that did not only raise the standard of education in this school, but also emphasized more on creative learning of the students by incorporating art, dance and music as the active discipline in the curriculum. What really elates me about the school is the kind of disciplined life students are inculcated by the teachers which they replicate everywhere they go.

Sajjan Bhajanka
Patron, Star Public School
Chairman, Star Cement Limited

Message from Chairman, SMC
(Shri Pradeep Purohit, Chief Operating Officer, Star Cement Ltd)


I have been witnessing the school and its progress since its budding phase and I have seen the school fighting against all odds and ordeals to reach to the state of grandeur and recognition today. I have been a constant eye witness of the toil and painstaking efforts of the teachers to uplift the quality of the school, not only in terms of teaching, but in the overall development of the children. Along with education, priority has also been given to cultivateetiquette, moral values and humility in the students. The children are trained here to face the constantly changing world by building confidence and cognitive ability in them. Thus, the children are preparing themselves with a shieldof competence and fortitude to face the vast world of competition with success. I congratulate the head of the institution as well, for materializing such a marked difference in the all-round development of the school and leading the entire team with profound efficiency.

Pradeep Purohit
Chief Operating Officer
Star Cement Ltd

Message from School Manager
(Mrs. Neetu Bansal)

Each and every student has different forte. Some have the spark to show their forte to the world while others do not get proper platform or might be lack of confidence. The teacher’s role plays a significant part at that point of time when they have to encourage those students to project their inner and hidden ability to the world which might bring change to their lives as well as the lives of others. I could see many students participating in different activities and are performing grandiloquently in all aspects. I could foresee a very prosperous future of this school and I wish that in the coming days the school will carve its niche in various aspects and it will be recognized as the brand institution across North-Eastern zone and will pose itself as an exemplary institution preaching discipline, morality, punctuality and all humanitarian values.

Neetu Bansal
Manager, Star Public School