Mission Statement

Star Public School is located in the Lumshnong Village of East Jaintia Hills District of Meghalaya surrounded by lush greenery. We are devoted to our children to impart value based education. We will ensure quality education by utilizing school resources and by taking initiatives to celebrate reading week, organizing workshop related to child psychology, arithmetic/ mathematics/ science week, promoting peer learning by forming reading clubs and activities related to learning by doing.


This institution is determined to provide quality education to the students of this remote and far flung region of the country in an atmosphere conducive to good learning. We aim to provide the best facilities at par with the best in the country.

Towards achieving that goal, we resolve to –
• Bring out and hone the students’ talents using the latest educational technologies and methodology.

• Provide a fertile ground for the physical, mental and spiritual growth of the children entrusted to our care.

• Inculcate the sense of responsibility and morality amongst the students to make them reliable and competent nation builders.

• Bring out and develop the best human values and qualities to make them socially adjustable and ideal citizens.

• To inspire students to continuously strive to acquire knowledge not merely to pass examinations but to use this knowledge to enrich their own lives and also the lives of those around them.


A school at par with the best in the country in spite of being situated in such a remote part of the country, providing the best education to children who would normally be deprived of such facilities.

Inculcating amongst students, the feeling of oneness with the whole country to make them productive, reliable, socially responsible and proud Indians.

Sending out children capable and competent enough to hold their own amongst the best.

The institution is a big family filled up with the feeling of mutual co-operation and accountability. The institution creates suitable atmosphere for comprehensive development of students.

The instruction makes a direct relation between teacher, guardians and students for advices, co-operation and responsibility to be followed actively.

The students are apt follower; they learn by preaching. Students should be applauded to be applicable and creative. The teacher is a model for the students. The parents are primary teacher of the child / students. The parents carry a very active role in the continuous learning and sharing knowledge.